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About Cambria

Cambria has been writing software of all types for clients throughout the United States since 1984. We also develop web sites, from simple brochure sites to e-commerce sites to large corporate intranet systems.

We've been around for so long because we're dedicated to giving our clients top-notch custom solutions and because we're committed to developing strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.

For more information about Cambria Corporation and other custom software opportunities, please visit our corporate web site at www.cambria.com.

About Cambria Software

Cambria Corporation is a custom design and programming company. However, we realize that some businesses would benefit from a ready-made program that can be customized to their purposes. This software lives up to the rigorous Cambria standards of quality, yet since the programming has already been done, it is much less expensive than building a program from scratch.

There are many companies with ready-made online stores that they will sell to people. However, usually these sellers are unable to make any modifications to the look and feel of the store and are unable to make any modifications to how the store works. Additionally, often a client will purchase one of these stores from their hosting provider and then will have to stay with that hosting provider to keep their store, even if the quality of the hosting diminishes.

Cambria has a different view of our ready-made stores. We built the store and can easily modify it to suit our clientís purposes. Our designers will make sure that the store will look the way you want it to look and will not be one of those cookie-cutter stores that are seen throughout the internet.

The only difference in our ready-made software versus our designed-from-scratch software is that we will still retain ownership of the underlying code library. You will own the design and other modifications. You will be able to do whatever you like with the store. You can move it to as many hosting providers as you wish. You can change the name of the store and the design. You just canít make a copy of the store and resell it to someone else without notifying Cambria and gaining our permission.

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