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Domain Names

What is a domain name?

Technically, your web site is hosted with an Internet Protocol (IP) number and will never need a domain name. For example, this site is hosted at But imagine telling someone how to type in that IP number into a browser or asking them to remember it! Imagine them emailing you at yourname@ and remembering that!

That's where domain names come in. You purchase a domain name that best represents your company (to make it easier for your customers to remember it). After setting it up to go to your hosting company, it acts as an alias or a nickname to your site. People can then either type in your IP address or your domain name into their browser and find your site.

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How do I purchase a domain name?

Either you can purchase the domain name through one of the companies listed below or you can ask us to help you out. We do this all of the time, so we understand what the application process is.

If you are purchasing the domain name yourself, you will have to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to:


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If I've already purchased my domain name, how can I transfer it to my Cambria-hosted store?

You will have simply have to log into your domain name's account manager to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to:


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How long does this process take?

Think of a creek adding to a river that adds into an ocean. Once your domain name is updated, the company you purchased it from will update their databases to reflect this change. This will update other databases that will update other databases, etc.

Each Internet Service Provider (ISP — the way you connect to the internet) uses one of these databases to figure out where to send you when you type your domain name into a browser. As soon as their database is updated, you will be able to type the domain name into your browser instead of the IP number.

This process of updating databases takes about 72 hours to propagate throughout the Internet. It may take your ISP less time to update their database with the new information, so it might only take 24 hours for you to see the results.

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Domain Name Companies

The below prices are for .com domain names. Other extensions may cost less.

Company Price
Go Daddy $8.95 - 1 year
$8.75 - 2 years
$8.55 - 3 years
$8.05 - 5 years
$6.95 - 10 years
VeriSign (formerly Network Solutions) $35.00 - 1 year
$30.00 - 2 years
$25.00 - 3 years
$19.00 - 5 years
$15.00 - 10 years
Register.com $35.00 - 1 or 2 years
$30.00 - 5 years
$29.90 - 10 years

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