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Tour the Cambria E-commerce Store

We provide several options as a starting point for your business. From there, we can customize any type of store to your satisfaction.

Cambria Toolkit Store Tour

The Toolkit Store
The Toolkit Store serves as the basis for all of our stores. It costs $695 and can be customized in any way for an extra cost (contact us for an estimate). The Toolkit in its most basic form allows store owners to upload products, manage product categories and vendors, add information about the business (including frequently asked questions), and collect purchasing information from customers.

The Toolkit Store tour shows two examples of our most basic store that can be customized by you with the Toolkit. Remember, you can always add in design or custom programming to the store. All of our custom stores start with the toolkit backend. View Toolkit Store and Custom Store examples.

The Visual Ticket Store
Our Visual Ticket Store is our basic Toolkit Store customized to meet the needs of florists. We integrated it with Visual Ticket, a point-of-sale system created for florist stores. Again, these stores can be customized to meet the needs of your florist store and can be integrated with other point-of-sale systems. View Visual Ticket Store examples.
Cambria Charity E-commerce Store Tour The Charity Store
Our Charity Store is another Toolkit Store that was modified to add special items that most charity organizations need, such as mission statements, special gifts and areas of need. The store can be turned on or off to meet the needs of the charitable organization. Even without the store, the Charity Store is a cost-effective way to create a website to showcase your charitable organization.
The Artist Gallery
The Artist Gallery is not necessarily a store. It allows artists to display their work in an attractive, easy-to-manage way. If you choose to sell your artwork online, the shopping cart can easily be integrated with your custom design. View Artist Gallery examples.


Please keep in mind as you tour our Cambria E-commerce Toolkit Stores that, as a web design and custom programming company, we can modify anything that you see at our usual hourly rates. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote.

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